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Is smart home monitoring in Long Island worth the cost?

February 26, 2024
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Are you making plans to improve your household’s convenience and security by customizing a modern smart home? Congratulations on making this essential first move. But prior to getting window alarms, surveillance cameras, and smart door locks installed, you should determine if you wish to have monitoring. Look into smart home monitoring in Long Island and discover why it’s the right choice for your family.

What is the purpose of smart home monitoring?

You can consider smart home monitoring as your dedicated emergency backup. Your system and its installed devices, from window and door sensors to video cameras, will link to a 24-7 monitoring service. When something is tripped, your attentive professionals will be warned. They’ll take action instantly to authenticate the alarm, inquire about your safety, and dispatch the right emergency provider.

As an alternative, you may elect to get an unmonitored system. Also called self-monitoring, this choice means you’re the only one in charge if an urgent event occurs. Although you won’t pay a monitoring fee, you also won’t have that added peace of mind and level of protection.

Benefits of smart home monitoring in Long Island

You might be wondering if smart home monitoring in Long Island is needed. Even though it’s difficult to place a price tag on something that boosts peace of mind, there are quite a few tangible benefits of monitoring, including:

  • Increased security: It’s always smart to have support in place, particularly if you aren’t on site to handle a situation or can’t get access to your smartphone. Your home will always be safeguarded, no matter where you are. And if you’re not able to answer calls, your monitoring agents will take action in your stead.
  • Quicker response times: When disasters strike, every instant counts. Monitoring representatives are trained in acting swiftly. For the most part, they can validate the emergency and get assistance faster than you can independently.
  • Savings on insurance: You could qualify for savings on your insurance when using a monitored system. This bonus is a terrific way to balance out some of the price.
  • Cohesive system with leading equipment: When opting for smart home monitoring, you’ll get your devices, installation, and monitoring from one company. The result is a unified system with top-of-the-line equipment and superior protection for your household. Buying security sensors and other components separately and connecting them alone will make it more difficult to get everything working in unison.

You will see that the advantages of 24-7 monitoring far surpass the price. But you should understand that contract terms can vary quite a bit. Some providers might require an agreement of three years or longer, while other companies have more flexibility. Monitoring service won’t set you back too much, no matter the length of your contract.

Safeguard your home 24 hours a day with smart home monitoring in Long Island from Vivint

Order a Vivint smart home and get 24-hour protection in Long Island from a monitored and unified system. Along with peace of mind, you’ll enjoy industry-leading equipment like smart thermostats that can adjust automatically and video cameras with active crime deterrents. Call (631) 502-4004 today to consult with one of our home security specialists.